AM Power Inc. believes in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our employees, our customers, and those in the surrounding communities where we operate. We take a whole business approach to health and safety, including worker attitudes and workplace culture.

We are committed to:

· Striving to reduce the number of work related injuries by providing a safe and healthy workplace.

· Continual improvement in health and safety by regularly reviewing the health and safety policy.

· Providing workers with health and safety information.

· Effective communication between all employees.

· Maintaining a zero tolerance to Drugs and Alcohol during work hours

· Providing well-maintained equipment.

· Providing ongoing training at all levels to ensure all workers can work in a safe and professional manner.

· Reporting accidents/incidents and cases of occupational health.

· Focusing on accurate time reporting and recording of all accidents, incidents and unsafe conditions.

· Complying with all legal and other requirements related to occupational health and safety.

Each worker is encouraged to play a vital and responsible role in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace through:

· Involvement in the workplace health and safety system.

· Adhering to correct procedures and equipment usage.

· Wearing protective clothing and equipment and using personal protection and safety equipment when required.

· Ensuring all accidents and incidents are reported and reporting unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

· Keeping the workplace tidy to minimize the risks of accidents.

· Following safe work procedures.

· Knowing and complying with all regulations.

A major ongoing objective of AM Power Inc. is to protect employees from workplace injury or illness. Active commitment to health and safety is letting workers know that they matter most. AM Power Inc. makes every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment. All employees must be dedicated to the goal of reducing the risk of injury and illness.

Andrew Matheson